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Screen capture utility is an extremely useful tool to use if you want to capture images from selected parts of a computer screen and insert them into your graphic program and website or blog.

There are many types of screen capture utilities around and after having tried a number of them, I would highly recommend the simple to use MW Snap for Windows. This is a freeware which you can download at: Download.cnet.com

Just install the software into your computer and you are set to go.


The MW Snap can capture the following:

  • a fixed rectangle screen area – you need to input the required size dimension
  • any rectangular (or square) area on free hand basis (without inputting of size dimension)
  • full desktop
  • window/menu area

How to Use MW Snap

The MW Snap is very easy tool to use.  Below are the steps involved:

  1. To start capturing your computer screen, just get ready the screen that you want to capture and then open or switch over to your MW Snap application.
  2. Select the available options with your mouse (e.g. fixed rectangle, any rect. area, window/menu or desktop) and click the button at the bottom (“Snap …). The MW Snap screen will disappear and the screen that you want to capture will appear.
  3. Place your mouse to highlight the area that you want to capture. If you are capturing any rectangular area on a free hand basis, you need to click and drag your mouse to highlight the area you want to capture.
  4. Click the mouse once the area is selected and you will be brought back to the MW Snap screen where you will be shown the screen that is captured.
  5. In the Menu bar, click edit/copy and paste the captured image into your graphic application.
  6. Save the image file and upload the image to your website or blog.

What I particularly like about MW Snap is its easy to use and precision screen capturing function.  Supposing you want to capture a specific image screen size, just input the required image size into MW Snap and click the “Snap…” button. Once you are at the screen that you want to capture, move your mouse over to the screen target area and click your mouse. The target screen area according to your specified screen size is then captured.

The MW Snap utility is a handy tool to use together with any image application (Photoshop, Fireworks and GIMP etc.). This tool is a must for bloggers especially if you are using a magazine type blog theme.

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