How to Check For Do-Follow Blogs


This tutorial will show you how to use Mozilla Firefox NoDoFollow Add-ons (by Zacharyfox) to check if a blog you are visiting is a Do-follow or No-follow blog. This is important as Do-follow blogs can provide your blog with some link juice when you make comments on such blogs.

Download the Mozilla Firefox NoDoFollow add-on, install it and restart the browser and you are set to go.

The next time you are viewing a blog and want to check if the content or comment hyperlinks or are Do-Follow or No-Follow,  just right mouse click any part of the screen and in the displayed box, click the NoDoFollow text. A tick will then appear beside the NoDoFollow text which means that  the browser is now activated to detect whether the blog hyperlinks are Do-Follow or No-Follow.

With this Firefox addon, hyperlinks which turned blue (boxlike) are Do-Follow links while No-Follow links will be pink in color.

Any subsequent blogs that you visit will display the relevant box-like colors unless you turn off the NoDoFollow function by right-mouse clicking any part of the screen and click the NoDoFollow text (the tick will disappear).

This Mozilla Firefox NoDoFollow add-on is a simple and handy tool to use if you want to check if blog comments links are Do-Follow or No-Follow.

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