How to Comment on Blogs to Get Traffic


Blog commenting is one of the best ways to get traffic and backlinks to your blog.

Generally, you should look for a blog that has good traffic so that you can siphon some of their traffic to your own blog via your blog commenting. I would also comment on blogs that have less traffic but have quality posts as such blogs have the potential to grow with commentators’ support. At the same time, it is easier to strike up a relationship with such blog owners which may prove beneficial to both parties in the future.

Most blogs display their earliest comments at the top and the latest comments at the bottom (always confirm this as it will affect your comment strategy).  As such, you need to be one of the earliest few to comment on any new blog posting in order for your comments to be noticed. One way to do this is to subscribe to the blog’s RSS feeds so that you will be notified either via Google Reader or iGoogle (my favourite) whenever a new posting is made.

Below are some useful tips on how to comment on blogs:

1. Give useful comments
While it is good to be one of the first to comment on any new posting or be a regular face in the blog comments, there are times when you have to refrain from putting in your comments when you have nothing useful to start off or add to the discussion.  It is important to come across to the blog owner that your comments are well though out and really contribute to the discussions where he may subsequently link to your site. Secondly, it would not do any good to your personal brand when your comments are just a one liner about the post being helpful or good.

It is the quality and your insightful comments that draws traffic to your site. People will be “curious” as to who you are and will also give them the impression that you have the expertise to help them solve their problems where they will click to go to your site. In your comments, you should offer your opinions, ideas, personal experiences (results, mistakes or lessons learnt etc.) or additional points to enhance the blog post in question and liven up the discussions. Try to provide more details or examples in your comments as people would generally be attracted to comments that are more than a few sentences long and impressed when there facts and examples to back up your comments.

In the event that you disagree with the points raised in the blog post, you should not criticise the post but instead offer alternative ideas or solutions. Such approach will be helpful to assist the readers in forming their own opinions and avoid criticising the author.

2. Ask Questions
A lot of times, we will come across situations where we are not the expert in some of the post topics.  In such situations, you should ask questions as this is the best ways to learn and get the post author and other readers to respond to your question(s). Asking questions is a great way to start and enhance the discussions.

3. Use your full name
Always use your full name as we are talking about your personal branding here. Using your single name like David or John would not do as compared with using David Hollins or John Hollins etc. Secondly, never use your website name as it will come across as a spam and the blog owner (including me) are very hesitant in approving such comments.

4. Use Gravatars

If you want people to know who you are and connect with you, you should have your picture appearing beside your comments. Sign up with Gravatar.com by providing your email address and uploading your image to their server. Every time you leave your comments (by providing your email address) with a gravatar enabled blog, your image will automatically appear beside your comments. Learn how to get your picture to appear beside your comments.

5. Address blog authors and fellow commentators by their names
This is a powerful strategy to connect and build relationships with the author and fellow commentators. Start off your comments by addressing the author or commentators by their names e.g. “Hi John,…” Such salutation will make you come across as very friendly and is a great way to build rapport within the discussion group. Blog authors should particularly use such salutations to set the “culture” and build a friendly and helpful community within his blog.

6. Use proper English
The use of proper English will give the impression that you are serious in your comments. Misspellings and wrong grammar usage will only show that you just quickly blast off your comments without proper thought and may not be taken seriously by the author and fellow commentators. Secondly, you have to choose your words carefully so as not to give a different meaning as what you intend to say.  This will avoid a lot of misunderstanding and unnecessary clarifications on your part. Thirdly, do not use caps in your comments as this is deemed to be shouting in the internet world. Lastly, make your sentence easy to read by breaking off long paragraphs.

Once you have drafted your comments, also check your spellings and grammar (I use Microsoft Word) and proof read it before clicking the “Submit Comment” button.


The above are some of the ways to make blog comments to drive traffic to your site. Are there other better ways to do this? Love to hear from your guys.

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