Our babies are extremely precious, to say the very least. From seeing them grow up to take baby steps to adoring their tiny little fingers and toes, a baby is truly the sunshine of your world. But to make the little one have a peaceful night’s sleep, you need to purchase good quality baby beds in Kenya.

Parents take care of the overall comfort and well-being of their child, along with constantly not make any mistakes while raising them. For a baby, most of their time is spent sleeping on the bed. So, it becomes necessary that the bed must be super comfortable for them so that the baby relaxes and enjoys without becoming nervous, irritated or cranky.

But make sure to choose the bed from a reputed furniture stores in Kenya. This will ensure that your baby is snugly fit and gets to sleep without any interruption. Having said that, there are some considerations to be kept in mind while choosing the baby beds.

Read this post to find out the right ways to find good quality baby beds.

Points to Keep In Mind While Choosing Baby Beds in Kenya

It can be rather difficult for a novice to select good quality cots for baby. Besides having a few considerations in mind, you can always go to any reliable furniture store in Kenya so that you are given nothing but the best.

Through the below-stated bullet points, some valuable points about picking the right baby beds are explained.

Selecting a Super Soft Fabric 

All babies have the most delicate and sensitive skin. Even the slightest friction with any type of harsh fabric can easily make them unhappy and irritated. While the baby is sleeping on the bed, provide him or her with the softest quality cotton bed sheets.

The baby beds also consist of some tiny mattresses, so picking up the softest quality cotton bed sheets is important. It should ideally have innumerable cotton thread counts to offer the utmost softness.

Along with this, picking pillow covers that match the bedsheet is also highly suggested. Although babies cannot differentiate between different colors and patterns until they are old enough, picking attractive colors and designs can be beneficial. This is optional; you need not be too concerned about it

● Adherence to Safety

When it comes to the matter of installing baby beds Kenya, there is nothing more vital than providing top-class safety. In fact, nobody should even think of installing a baby bed without proper safety certifications.

Even after certifications, it is always suggested that the safety features be verified manually. The baby bed must have soft guardrails installed all around. These guardrails should be installed in every 2.5 inches gap, which is perfect for the baby to pass their hand, but not their head.

The corner posts of the baby bed should not be more than 0.6 inches in height, and the sides of the bed must be in a stationary position. There should not at all be any kind of cutout or headboards, along with no missing or damaged bed hardware. These can be potential safety hazards for the baby.

Choosing Small Sizes 

It goes without saying that the baby beds will always be small in size. The bedsheet must also be correspondingly small in size. The child’s comforter in the bed must also be of the same size so that the baby is not overwhelmed and can be comfortably tucked in while he or she is sleeping.

The main thing is that these baby bed sheets must be super cool and not get overheated. This is why 100% cotton bedsheets are definitely the correct choice. However, you might have to get them customized the right size is not available in the market, online or offline.  

Buying Robust Mattress Protectors 

There is a possibility that the baby might have an accident while sitting or sleeping on the bed. Though the baby wears diapers for most of the time, parents would like their skin to breathe at night.

Making them wear cloth diapers is an option. However, if they meet with any accident and the bed becomes wet, you may need to change the whole bed sheet and replace it with a new one.

Many parents place a thin rubber mattress below the baby, but there are chances that this might keep them wet until the mattress is replaced. This is why buying some robust mattress protectors for the baby beds is highly suggested.

It saves the entire mattress from getting wet and rapidly soaks all the excess amount of moisture so that the baby and the covering sheets remain free from the excess moisture.


Parents consider it a topmost priority to provide security and comfort to the baby. And this comes only from the best baby beds in Kenya. Choosing the right one will protect the little one in so many ways.

You need to purchase the bed from a reliable furniture store in Kenya. This will ensure that the bed you bring home is of superior quality and gives ultimate peace to the little munchkin. Find a store and visit today!  

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