If anyone is interested in buying products made up of faux suede fabric or faux suede microfiber leather and looking for a detailed guide to get help in learning everything about this, then they have come to the right place.

In this guide, we will be exploring the concept of this faux suede fabric or faux suede microfiber leather. When it is compared to real suede fabric, which is made up of animal skin, faux suede has many more valuable benefits.

These are definitely more affordable, super water-resistant as well as requiring very minimal care and maintenance. Most importantly, it is fully animal cruelty-free. This makes faux suede the best alternative to real suede leather for ethical and conscious consumers.

What Is Faux Suede And Its History?

The history of faux suede leather started long ago, around the 1400s in China, with only a few people making early or draft versions of it from the raw fabric. Then around the 1900s, at the time of World War, mainly two things fully changed when the Germans turned paper pulp into the first Press off.

Then after that, around the 1920s, in America, “Naugahyde” came into existence and gained wide popularity as a versatile PVC plastic material that developed a smooth and robust way for the worldwide use of faux leather everywhere, in the best way possible.

Faux or Faux suede is a fabric that fully copsies the real touch, look, as well as the feel of natural or real suede leather. Though they are different from each other in the fiber content, most of the faux suede fabric materials are usually made up of a microfiber polyester substance, along with a polyurethane binder material.

Faux or faux suede are available in both woven as well as nonwoven versions, in the market. Synthetic or artificial suede leathers are also available in a wide range of colours, weights, size and shapes as well.

Over the past decades, faux or faux suede leathers have been evolved to PU material and, along with this, even different industries are working constantly, on developing better and more sustainable alternatives, to reduce environmental impact, as these faux suedes are animal cruelty free, but it is mainly made from polyester, which is naturally non-biodegradable and is certainly not good for the environment.

Organically made cotton, linen, jute and even waxed canvas are all great alternatives.

How Is Faux Suede Leather Fabric Made?

For anyone who is thinking about what faux suede leather is made up of and how it is been produced, here is the stepwise process of making faux or faux suede leather, explained in a set of relevant bullet points.

  • Basic Materials: Faux suede leather is usually made up of a base fabric, which is mainly paper base.
  • Coating: The base material of faux suede leather, is perfectly lined with a layer of faux leather materials, such as polyurethane or PU and polyvinyl chloride or PVC.
  • Embossing: The base material of faux suede leather, is often embossed or decorated with a beautiful texture to perfectly copy the look, and feel of one hundred percent genuine leather.
  • Coloring: Different types of Dyes or pigments are applied to get the desired color according to all personal needs and preferences for product customization or mass production.
  • Finishing: After all the above procedure, any additional treatments or process may be used on different faux or faux leathers for boosting its durability, smoothness, or other desired characteristics or features.
  • Cutting: The finished faux or faux suede leather is then precisely cut in the form of sheets, rolls, or in any specific shapes or style, for various applications and uses.

The Difference between Faux Suede Leather and Real Leather

The main difference between real leather and faux suede is that, the genuine leather is fully made up of animal hide, whereas faux suede leather is fully made from polyester or paper base.

Real leather is usually made from the underside of animals, such as cows, buffaloes, sheep, and goats but most commonly it is made from lambs. Since faux suede leather is artificial, all the ethical consumers can be rest assured, by knowing that no animal was harmed, while making this artificial leather.

Faux suede is also very easy to clean and care for. Unlike real suede leather, nobody has to take their artificial or faux suede leather products, for dry cleaning or worry about doing regular wash and maintenance.

More importantly, faux suede leather is also highly resistant to water as well as stains. And also, faux suede is available at different ranges of price, which generally makes it much more cost-effective than real suede leather.


Investing in all the products made up of faux suede fabric, or faux suede microfiber leather, is certainly the best choice for all those people who are willing to buy something vegan and animal cruelty free.    

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