Drone control operations are gaining importance in every field imaginable. It is no longer constrained to research. Its industrial applications are going strong. From detecting leaks in industrial infrastructure to carrying out search and rescue missions – the significance of a UGCS drone can’t be overstated.

Drone automation saves time, effort, and money. It reduces human dependency to a large extent, prevents human errors, and enhances the quality of operations. But the flight operations have to be carried out using the right drone control software. The UGCS Enterprise is arguably the best flight control software in this context.

Let’s shed more light on UGCS Enterprise – its features, applications, its drone compatibility, and how it compares with other flight control software.

What is UGCS Enterprise?

UGCS Enterprise is the most advanced feature of the UGCS software. The latter is a drone control software that allows a drone compatible with UGCS to take up aerial operations effectively.

The UGCS Enterprise contains all the features of UGCS – including the UGCS Pro and the UGCS Expert. Additionally, it contains many other exclusive features that are only found in this software version. This includes multi-node deployment and live video streaming.

The UGCS Enterprise software is meant for diverse uses in small and big companies that employ drone pilots. The UGCS drone flight control software is used for-

  • Infrastructure surveillance
  • Monitoring security establishments
  • Law enforcement
  • Aerial video monitoring
  • LiDAR data collection

The UGCS Enterprise is a perpetual licence software. You don’t have to renew it ever once you buy it. The software allows you uninhibited access to all the necessary tools and features that you need in your business – whether it’s finding the gas leak source in an oil and natural gas plant or identifying a World War-era plane buried under ice!

A UGCS drone equipped with the UCS Enterprise software is your most reliable guide under challenging terrain and conditions.

Features of UGCS Enterprise

These are the exclusive features of UGCS Enterprise that are only available on this version:

a. Centralised UGCS Telemetry: All the important drone data like speed, altitude, GPS position, and battery level are accessed directly by the controller.

b. Live video streaming: Enables video streaming from the DJI drone to the UGCS video player on the computer desktop.

c. Local video recording metadata: The video metadata like date, time, and geolocation is provided for better discoverability.

d. Multiple SDK connections: You can connect to multiple drones and customise drone applications with multiple SDK connections.

e. ADS-B Transponder support: ADS-B support is crucial for drone visibility and flight control. It also helps in post-flight analysis.

Here are the features of UGCS Enterprise for LiDAR surveys:

  • LiDAR area and LiDAR corridor tools
  • IMU Calibration route pattern
  • IMU Calibration actions
  • LiDAR flight planning based on FOV value
  • Adjustable LiDAR area buffer size

Is UGCS Enterprise the best drone control software?

Most people in the drone pilot community rate UGCS as the best drone flight operating software out there. The powerful and extensive features of the software along with its simple user interface make it the go-to software for UGCS drone users in over 150 countries.

a. Modern interface and simplified flights

SPH Engineering, the company that developed the UGCS software, has released the 5.0 version recently. It has a refreshingly modern interface that makes planning complicated aerial projects easier than before.

b. Faster flight planning and file import

The update has made flight planning faster as all the flight parameters are quickly accessible on the top bar. The OS dialog makes for seamless flight import and this makes the flight planning even more swift.

c. Exceptional LiDAR mission planning

The waypoint tools in the UGCS software allow drone pilots to select waypoints manually to fly over a designated area. You can select the coverage area by just drawing 4 points on a 2D map. You can then select multiple flight parameters and calibrate IMU from the IMU Calibration checkbox.

Which UGCS drones is it compatible with?

The best part about UGCS Enterprise is its wide drone compatibility. It is most compatible with the DJI drones.

1. DJI M300

    The DJI M300 drone can fly in high-interference environments. It’s particularly useful for firefighting and search and rescue operations.

    • Max flight time – 55 min
    • Transmission range – up to 15 km

    2. DJI M350

      This next-gen drone comes with an all-new video transmission system and control experience.

      • Max flight time – 55 min
      • Transmission range – up to 20 km

      3. DJI M600

        This drone serves well for professional filmmaking and industrial inspection survey

        • Max flight time – 36 min
        • Transmission range – 5 km (for HD transmission)

        4. DJI Phantom

          UGCS is compatible with all drones of the DJI Phantom series

          5. DJI Mavic

            The software is compatible with all drones of the Mavic series.

            Key Takeaway

            Investing in the UGCS Enterprise has two-fold benefits. First, you get a lifetime use deal where there’s no headache of periodic renewal. Second, you get exclusive access to features that you won’t find in other versions like the Pro or Expert. Plan your flight operations easily with great precision and reduce your downtime and operational costs.

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