Medical supplies and equipment play one of the most significant roles in the healthcare system of a nation or region. Without the biggest medical device companies, it would be difficult to provide diverse medical crises and issues in India with adequate medical care. Medical equipment is therefore necessary for any kind of medical practice. Without them, it would be difficult to record the proper dosages for medications or vaccinations and perform effective surgery.

  • The medical equipment manufacturer is said to have been expanding at a compound yearly growth rate of 35.4 percent, India managed to secure $50 billion in 2025, surpassing their record of $11 billion the year before.
  • By the end of 2025, it is predicted to grow to over $50 billion from a peak of over $11 B in 2020.

Additionally, they support precise diagnosis and stop the transmission of pathogens and diseases. What precisely is medical equipment, then? Probably the first thing to do is define medical equipment. Everything used in medical treatments is considered medical equipment. This covers supplies like:

  • bandages
  • scalpels
  • syringes
  • walking sticks
  • Transfusion set manufacturer

Since medical equipment loses precision over time, it too needs to be calibrated correctly. In India, providing healthcare to such a large population would be difficult without manufacturers of high-quality medical equipment.

Trends in Medical Spending In India

Although there are some of the biggest medical device companies that operate this sector in India, compared to other nations like the US, India spends little on medical devices. Our country spends only about $3 billion annually on medical equipment compared to other countries that spend $7 to $42 billion.

What are the big names in medical equipment exports in India?

Therefore, several significant manufacturers of medical equipment in India have been trying to monetize on the lack of international names in the Indian market of medical equipment. India falls in the list of the few top 20 nations with some of the biggest medical device companies. This is a rapidly growing market here with a yearly growth of over 35.4%. Every year India has been breaking its own record by at least $11 billion dollars.

Here’s a list of some of the top companies manufacturing medical equipment:

  1. Lars Medicare

Exporting in over a hundred countries all over the globe, they have been in the industry for more than 25 years now. With successful branches in the Middle East, Europe, Africa, Asian Countries and Latin America, they have enhanced their presence in the market with consistency and regularity.

Being one of the biggest medical device companies, their products have exceeded customer expectations time and again in terms of both durability and quality. The company’s goods have both FDA approval and CE markings. Furthermore, the company is among the biggest providers of medical equipment in India.

They specialize in products such as:

  • Safety IV Cannula
  • IV Cannula

Apart from being a top contender amongst transfusion kit manufacturers. Their export business deals with medical disposables, medical consumables as well as IV Cannulas, which is their specialization. They maintain the highest standards of hygienic environments while producing the best medical equipment using cutting-edge technology. When human expertise and new technology are merged, amazing things can happen.

  1. Johari Digital Healthcare Ltd:

Electronic medical equipment is developed, engineered, and produced by Johari Digital Healthcare for worldwide distribution. Among the company’s main services are:

  • supply chain management
  • home healthcare devices
  • system integration
  • prototype, mechanical and electronics engineering
  • design through development, and packaging.

Johari also offers compliance and regulatory support to clients, which helps to reduce product Time to Market. To further serve its global clientele, Johari has an R&D facility in Europe and an avant-garde medical equipment production plant spanning 65,000 square feet in India. Johari’s manufacturing portfolio includes innovative diagnostic gadgets, life science items, and medicinal equipment.

  1. Opto Circuits (India) Limited:

Based in Bengaluru, Opto Circuits Limited is a multinational medical device company from India. The company designs, develops, produces, markets, and distributes medical equipment manufacturers’ products, which are used by healthcare facilities across more than a hundred and fifty countries.

One of the top transfusion kit manufacturers in India, the company also exports:

  • sensing technologies, vascular treatments
  • emergency cardiac care
  • vital sign monitoring. In the US
  • transfusion kit
  1. Poly Medicure Ltd.

It operates in ultra-modern facilities with vast cleanrooms and state-of-the-art equipment, producing about 125 goods. A CNC machine and state-of-the-art tool room support the production processes.

Strong process control and a high level of automation are necessary to deliver products of consistently excellent quality. Rapid prototyping, 3D printing, CAD/CAM technology, and other techniques are used by Polymed’s fully staffed and well-equipped research and development division, which has been authorized by the Indian Ministry of Science and Technology to come up with new and innovative products from concept to production in a short amount of time. One of the biggest producers of medical equipment in India is Poly Medicure.

  • Wipro GE Healthcare

A collaboration between Wipro Enterprises Limited, India, and General Electric Company, USA. For many years, Wipro GE Healthcare has been a reputable supplier of high-quality and high-performing medical equipment and medications. Founded in 1945, their speciality is the production of imaging agent and radiopharmaceutical equipment.

  • Rajindra Surgical Industries

Rajindra Surgical Industries is an ISO certified company that is based in Punjab. The company manufactures surgical as well as instruments required in veterinary science. They have been operating since 1988 from Jalandhar, Punjab itself, supplying products all over India. They have even branched out all over the world, supplying products globally.


Over the past few years India has made significant progress in harnessing some of the biggest medical device companies, be it Indian brands or international. These companies for years have been dominating the medical equipment market of India, manufacturing and producing a wide variety of pharmaceutical and surgical products that has helped people for ages.

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