The use of steroids in the UK has peaked in recent years. It seems people – whether they are pro-bodybuilders or aspiring muscle enthusiasts – are rushing to buy steroids from a reliable online steroids store in UK. The interest is surging as more data, case studies, and trial results get in the public domain, speaking of their efficacy.

You can now source these synthetic substances from a certified online steroids store in UK – one that keeps authentic stuff. Such availability from reliable stores is motivating people to buy testosterone UK even more.

Let’s explore this rising interest in steroids and the main reason that makes people buy testosterone UK.

We’ll start with the number of people using oral and injectable steroids and then move on to their benefits and side effects. We’ll also learn about avoiding illicit steroids and making purchases only from a trustworthy online steroids store in UK.

How many people use anabolic steroids in the UK?

The number of people taking anabolic steroids and other IPEDs (image and performance-enhancing drugs) was more than 1 million in the UK. This data was published by The Guardian 6 years ago. The actual number of users could be much higher today. 

The Guardian report said that the use of steroids like testosterone is prevalent among all age groups. From image-conscious teenagers who want the perfect physique to older men who want a youthful look – everyone is enamoured by the aesthetic results produced by these steroids.

Reasons for increasing use of anabolic steroids in the UK

Here are the main reasons why so many people in the UK are getting attracted to steroids:

1. The GQ effect!

    The effect of social media and magazines like GQ – with those posters of ripped models – has played a major role in steroid normalisation. Some are so infatuated with these exceptionally-built men that they want to emulate it for themselves.

    2. More energy and strength

      Countless trials and studies have shown that steroids like testosterone improve energy levels and strength. Nitrogen retention leads to a rise in endurance that helps increase your reps in the gym. You get a better output in every workout session.

      3. Enhanced sports performance

        Many IFBB pros and athletes take a host of anabolic steroids and IPEDs before a competition to improve their performance. They want those bulging muscles to pop out or get their highest athletic potential during the tournament.

        The Guardian report however says that of all the possible reasons for using steroids, the ‘ripped image’ is the most motivating one. The use of steroids in Wales for instance is one of the highest in the country (about 75%). Even teenagers as young as 13 years old are freely using steroids!

        Public health experts are naturally alarmed at this development. Indiscriminate use of steroids like testosterone can lead to more problems than benefits. That’s why it’s so crucial to know about the substance and its effects.

        Testosterone and its efficacy as an anabolic steroid

        Testosterone is the male gonadal hormone responsible for producing distinguished male characteristics. Testosterone –

        • Produces sperm in the testes
        • Increases sex drive
        • Produces secondary male characteristics – hair patterns and vocal changes
        • Helps in skeletal muscle growth – healthy testosterone levels mean healthy bone density
        • Increases red blood cell production
        • Muscle mass and proper fat distribution

        Researchers have observed that normal testosterone levels are decreasing with time. People all across the world have lower testosterone levels than their parents’ or grandparents’ generation. This explains the rise in testosterone replacement therapy where synthetic testosterone is administered to people with low testosterone problems.

        Another thing to note is the use of synthetic testosterone among bodybuilders. Building the kind of muscles you see on GQ models is not possible with natural testosterone levels. The results will take forever even if you follow the right exercise and diet routine.

        Most professional bodybuilders usually get ripped during a 12-week cycle in which they take a weekly steroid dose. They need steroids to get ripped in such a short time. They inject testosterone intramuscularly to get the most benefit in the shortest time possible.

        The most conspicuous benefit is lean muscle growth.

        Side effects of using anabolic steroids

        All the benefits of testosterone aside – they do have some side effects. You should be aware of these side effects before you buy one blindly. These side effects are mentioned below:

        • Testicular atrophy
        • Change in sex drive
        • Anger issues
        • Changes in sleep patterns
        • Depression
        • Nausea

        What should you know before you buy testosterone in the UK?

        Anabolic steroids will definitely cause harm if bought from illegal sources like meth labs. Such steroids are often made in conditions unfit for drug production. Drugs manufactured in such environments are unfit for human consumption.

        One can’t emphasise enough the need to buy testosterone UK from a safe online steroids store in UK. Several men and women could stay away from avoidable steroids; and complications if they just bought testosterone from a trusted source.

        Key Takeaway

        The charm of a muscular body is irresistible to both the young and the old. This desire is further fanned by the constant exposure to those muscular figures on social media and online magazines. Many people harbour this desire to possess such muscular bodies and naturally stumble onto steroids. But the key point to remember here is that steroids should be used with caution. Consult a physician before you buy testosterone UK and only buy from a reliable source.

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