You might have been dreaming to have a Chihuahua as a pet for quite a long time now. But the procedure is getting delayed as you are unsure of the initial steps. There is no matter of trusting any breeder with closed eyes; you need to be careful at the time of selection. From doing extensive research about the dog breed to finding the best small dogs breeder UK, there is a lot to the procedure. Only then can you own a Chihuahua pup and bring him home finally!

Reputed Chihuahua breeders in the UK put all of their efforts into doing everything needed. But one thing that is highly recommended is that before just blindly visiting these breeders and purchasing the dogs, there are some important things to consider on your part. Asking some important questions related to the dog breeds and their breeding procedures is one of those important considerations. Asking all these questions and getting clear answers is something that you should do if you want healthy puppies.

What Questions Can You Ask the Breeder?

As a prospective client of Chihuahua breeders in the UK, it is crucial for everyone to strategically know about all the necessary questions that they need to ask. This will enable them to make a decision on whether or not the breeder they are purchasing from is reliable. You should also be willing to have all their Chihuahua puppy ownership questions answered.

Below is a set of all the relevant questions listed that need to be asked by all people to small dog breeders in the UK with utmost importance.

1. Can I See The Family Of The Puppies?

A Chihuahua puppy should never be bought if the dog breeder is not at all able to show at least the mother of the puppy, or the “Dam” as they say in the world of dog breeding. The “Sire” or the father of the puppies, may not be living with the dog family, but there should be documents about the health the father. Hopefully, it should also be possible to meet any other puppy from the same litter.

2. Can I Test The Temperament Of The Puppies?

The breeder should let you take the pup away from the litter to another room for some time. Even though this might lead to the puppy squirming a little at the sight of an unknown being, the overall behavior will give you an idea about his temperament. You need to attentively monitor the puppy’s reaction to its surrounding area and people. Are they becoming extremely curious or a little fearful? It is also recommended that the puppies that run or go towards the owner be coached. If the puppies are doing it, then it shows that they are enjoying being in the company of humans and also that they like you. 

3. Can I Have A Copy Of All The Schedule And Records Of The Puppy?

It is necessary to see that the small dog breeder in the UK is able to give some certified copies of the Chihuahua puppies’ feeding schedule and other important health records. If they are not able to give a single copy of the written schedule, it is definitely necessary to make sure they can provide it at least verbally. It is recommended to write down all of them.
When the puppies are taken home, it is not at all recommended to change their food or other schedules, suddenly. The veterinarian will also need to know about all the vaccinations the puppy has already taken and when they can set up the next schedules for continuing the right types of vaccinations at the right age or time.

4. Will I Get A Puppy Registration Application At The Time Of Purchase?

In most cases, it is certainly possible (though unlikely) that the breeder may not be willing to have the puppy registration ready for the dog adopter. In that case, you need to be extremely careful.

If the dog breeder is highly trusted and you decide to take the Chihuahua puppy home anyway, it is recommended to be sure that they at least give you a complete bill of sale duly signed by the dog breeder. The bill should include all the necessary details of the dog’s breed, like date of birth, gender, color, and all the other registered names, along with the relevant AKC numbers of the sire (father) and dam (mother). The bill should also include the full name and address of the dog breeder with all the other necessary details. 


Adopting beautiful Chihuahua dogs is something that many people dream of, but the procedure might seem a little daunting initially. From finding the best small dog breeders in the UK to doing in-depth research about the dog breed, there are certain things to consider. The Chihuahua breeders UK do all kinds of work on their part to ensure the pup’s good health, but you have to check everything beforehand. Ask the important questions related to dog breeding so as to get the best quality Chihuahua puppies. You can then take the pup home and give him a comfortable and happy shelter!

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